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Just, already y yet: cómo usar el 'present perfect'

Let's start

En esta serie de clases aprenderás vocabulario, grammar, listening, writing y speaking para llevar tu inglés a un nivel avanzado cambiando la forma en la que aprendes inglés.

Este es el segundo video de una serie de vídeos basados en la temática “a bucket list”, o en castellano, ¡una lista con todo lo que quieres hacer antes de morir! Dentro de este tema, irás mejorando tu inglés sin darte cuenta a lo largo de las diferentes clases. 

Si todavía no has hecho la última clase en esta serie, te recomiendo hacer clic aquí!

Hoy vamos a aprender cómo hacer frases interesantes y correctas usando Present Perfect! Escucharemos a Raül y Bree hablar sobre experiencias inusuales y divertidas de su ‘bucket list’.

Watch this video

Seguro que has hecho cosas divertidas y únicas en tu vida!

To fill your bucket list and to pass the B2 exam it’s important to use proper grammar in your writing and speaking.

Today we’ll talk about the ‘present perfect’ and how to use it correctly in English! Usaremos ‘just’, ‘already’ y ‘yet’ para hablar sobre expresiones interesantes.

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Let's go over the video​

Let’s review the ‘present perfect’ and how to use it correctly in English!

Have or has + past participle

  • Raül has been to Thailand
  • I have never seen a curling match.

Check our game on the irregular verb list:

In the video you can see how to use words ‘already’, ‘yet’ and ‘just’ in present perfect sentences, such as:

   For a thing that you have done recently:  I have just done a hiking trip in the Himalayas!

   Something that you finished doing:   I have already completed a hike in the Pyrenees mountains

  An experience you haven’t lived yet:  I haven’t climbed the Empire state building yet

We’ll keep talking about that in further videos! ¡Suscríbete y entra a formar parte de la AC family!

ACtivity 1: Practiquemos! Cómo construir nuestras frases?

Arrastra las palabras para ordenar las frases:

ACtivity 2: writing

To participate in this week’s experiences game is your first ACtivity! Do the same thing that Bree and Raul did in the video, share your weirdest experience in the comments (using a present perfect sentence of course)!

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2 Responses

  1. I have just done a very different dinner where we couldn´t use our hands to eat or our eyes. They put handcuffs to us and they covered our eyes with bandages.

    1. Hi Bel!
      Thanks for sharing your experience! Great job on the present perfect!

      A more natural way to write about your experience would be:

      ‘I have just attended a very strange dinner in which we couldn’t use our hands or eyes to eat. They put us in handcuffs and they covered our eyes with a blindfold.’

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