Chica pensando respuesta test de nivel de inglés

¿What's my level of English?

Take our free English level test now. We consider it one of the most accurate tests available to determine your true English level. Immediate results.

Read this before Taking the Test

1. There is only one correct answer for each question.

2. The level test gradually increases in difficulty. When you find the questions becoming too difficult, do not answer any more; go to the end of the test (leaving the rest of the questions blank) and only answer the last three mandatory questions before clicking the “Submit Test” button.

3. You have a maximum of 40 minutes. Start the timer!

4. Compare your score with the chart below, out of 120.

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Your English level

Score out of 120

Nivel Starter

 0 to 15

Nivel Elementary

 16 to 35

Nivel Pre-Intermediate

 36 to 55

Nivel Intermediate

 56 to 75

Nivel Upper-Intermediate

 76 to 95

Nivel Advanced

> 96