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LIVE STORIES: What do you want to accomplish this year?

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Hi there listeners! Today we have another Live Stories episode for you. Instead of our normal Into the Story format, in Live Stories we go out into the streets and ask people just one question. Their answers are totally live and unscripted, which means this is 100% authentic English as it’s spoken literally on the streets! En este nuevo formato queremos darte más ejemplos del inglés tal como se habla en la calle, para que te acostumbres al ritmo y vocabulario de los native speakers

We’re at the beginning of a New Year, and naturally, it’s a time when many of us make plans for the year ahead. Bree’s mom, Shauna, who’s been on the show before, went out into the streets of Calgary, Canada to ask people the question: ‘What would you like to do in 2022?‘. Take a listen to the episode below to hear what they said!

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[00:00:11.530] – Bree

AC Inglés presenta ‘Into the Story’ el podcast para aprender inglés con historias reales contadas por gente de todo el mundo. Hey there listeners, it’s your host, Bree, here and today we have another Live Stories episode for you. So instead of our normal Into the Story format where you listen to the story of just one person in Live Stories, we go out into the streets and ask people a question. Their answers are totally unscripted, which means that this is 100 percent authentic English, as it’s spoken literally on the streets.


[00:00:49.850] – Bree

And a really quick thing before we get into it. Have you shared Into the Story with anyone else yet? You know, like your friend who is always looking for a new way to improve their English? I would be so grateful if you would just take one minute to share this episode with someone that you know would find it valuable. All you have to do is head to the platform where you’re listening -no matter where you listen- click the share button or icon and just send it on over. Thank you so much for doing so.


[00:01:22.970] – Bree

All right, here we go. Let’s get into it. So we are at the beginning of a new year, and naturally, it’s a time when many of us are making plans for the year ahead. My mum Shauna, who’s been on this show before, went out into the streets of Calgary, Canada, to ask people a question: What would you like to do in 2022? Let’s take a listen to what they said.


[00:01:52.400] – Eileen

OK, I’m here with Eileen here in Calgary, Canada. And the question is, what would you like to do in 2022? I would like to exercise. I would like to eat healthy because I am diabetic. So that’s what my plans are for 2022 and love my grandchildren so much more.


[00:02:18.110] – Shauna

Alright. Well, thank you, Eileen. I appreciate it.


[00:02:20.480] – Eileen

Have a nice day.


[00:02:21.260] – Shauna

I will. You too. Thanks.


[00:02:27.190] – John

Well, I guess I’m a musician, so I’d prefer to write more often. I got to make more time for me and maybe take more time off to write.


[00:02:38.230] – Shauna

That’s nice.


[00:02:39.190] – John

That would be my answer.


[00:02:40.810] – Shauna



[00:02:41.320] – John



[00:02:44.260] – Woman

What to do I want to do in 2022?


[00:02:46.330] – Shauna



[00:02:48.880] – Woman

I’d like to be able to walk around without a mask. That’s what they like to do.


[00:02:54.740] – Shauna



[00:02:55.580] – Woman 

That’s what I’d really like to do.


[00:02:56.750] – Shauna

Thank you. Appreciate it. OK. Have a great year.


[00:02:59.630] – Woman

Thank you.


[00:03:02.880] – Woman 2

Interacting with people.


[00:03:04.440] – Shauna



[00:03:05.040] – Woman 2

And real hugging and you know. Yeah, we missed the two years. So…


[00:03:11.160] – Shauna



[00:03:11.790] – Woman 2

Yeah, definitely. I don’t know. That’s all I could think of right now.


[00:03:15.790] – Shauna

Mm hmm. OK. And you?


[00:03:18.640] – Man

Probably go travel. I haven’t seen my family in three and a half years, so I’d go back to Europe.


[00:03:23.790] – Shauna

Where are they?


[00:03:23.790] – Man

In Switzerland.


[00:03:24.600] – Shauna

Oh, nice.


[00:03:25.410] – Man

Yeah, yeah.


[00:03:26.170] – Shauna

Oh, okay. Well, thank you so much. I appreciate it.


[00:03:31.710] – Man 2

Travel, but I know that’s not going to happen.


[00:03:33.630] – Shauna



[00:03:35.400] – Man 2

I don’t know. Just go through COVID safe and the rest of my family to be healthy and happy, so simple and sweet.


[00:03:44.860] – Shauna

Simple and sweet that is that is profound, isn’t it?


[00:03:47.370] – Man 2



[00:03:47.910] – Shauna

You know, we get back to something really basic, whereas before we were wanting something monetary or…


[00:03:54.270] – Man 2

Yeah, well, we took a lot of things for granted, I think. And yeah, stay healthy, stay happy and make make the best of things right.


[00:04:01.780] – Shauna

Oh, I love that wonderful. Well, thank you so much.


[00:04:04.780] – Man 2

You’re welcome.


[00:04:05.480] – Shauna

I really appreciate that.


[00:04:07.390] – Colleen

Oh, I mean, I would I would love to go to Europe. I, you know, I would love to go away and book a flight and go away for a month.


[00:04:16.820] – Shauna

Oh, wouldn’t that be wonderful.


[00:04:22.040] – Shauna

This is Shauna here, and I’ve been asking this question of different people, just random people that I come across that are willing to answer: what would you like to do in 2022? And for that question myself to answer that would be to spend the time that I have that’s extra with family and friends and to make it make it really special. However, that might be, it might just be cooking a meal, nothing as big and ostentatious as I used to think. OK. Hope you’re having a great year.


[00:04:59.980] – Bree

Wow. Thank you so much to all of these kind strangers for telling us their plans for the year. I heard a couple of themes come up. One being travel. I think that people really are excited about going on trips. And another theme that came up was enjoying simple moments with friends and family. So my mum says that she wants to enjoy doing simple things like preparing a family meal. That time together doesn’t need to include anything ostentatious, which is ‘ostentoso’. And that is what I am hoping for in 2022. I have booked a flight to travel back home to Canada to visit family and friends, and I hope to enjoy simple pleasures like maybe enjoying watching a movie with my niece and nephew or going hiking in the mountains with my sister.


[00:05:54.820] – Bree 

OK, that’s all for today’s Live Stories episode. So what would you like to do in 2022? Just send us an email with a voice note to hello@acingles.com. I personally open and respond to every single email you send, so please don’t be shy. I would love to hear from you.


[00:06:19.570] – Bree

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[00:06:47.040] – Shauna

Well, Ted, what would you like to do in 2022


[00:06:50.280] – Ted

In 2022? Umm… I’d have wine with Shauna at least once a month!

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