Complete these sentences with a word that you hear in the podcast.

Amanda was eager to adopt a dog that ________ with her lifestyle and housing arrangements.

Many people think that Greyhounds need a lot of exercise but actually they are ___________ who run short distances and then spend most of their time sleeping.

Every Tuesday and Thursday the adoption centre __________ a photo and profile of a dog on their website.

Amanda tried calling at every chance she had but it was difficult to ___________ on the phone to the adoption centre.

Amanda was ___________ to get a dog soon so when she was offered Granny, she said yes straightaway.Amanda was ___________ to get a dog soon so when she was offered Granny, she said yes straightaway.

When Amanda saw how big Granny actually was, she first thought that she had made a huge ___________ adopting her, without first meeting the dog.

The adoption centre staff were yelling at Amanda to __________ Granny’s bottom to get her into the car.

When they arrived home. Amanda says that Granny looked __________ big standing in their small kitchen.

Granny gets so excited when Amanda and her partner arrive home that one day she broke the _________.

Greyhounds have a habit of sleeping ____________ with their legs in the air like a dead cockroach.

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