Complete these sentences with a word that you hear in the podcast.

When Cilla was 3, she experienced __________ like feeling thirsty and feeling tired that led doctors to diagnose her with Type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes means that your _________ stops producing insulin, a hormone that your body needs to maintain regular blood sugar levels.

Both Cilla and her parents needed to adapt to life with diabetes. Cilla’s mum in particular needed to learn how to do ________ counts and give insulin injections to her daughter.

As a child, Cilla was sometimes not able to go to _________ at her friends’ houses because of her injection schedule.

Cilla’s insulin pump is a small _________ that she wears on her belt that helps to regulate her insulin levels.

Wearing an insulin pump all day can sometimes be a __________ when she is travelling through international airports.

Cilla can remove her insulin pump when she goes ___________ or to the beach but needs it most of the time.

When Cilla realised that her pump was not in her bag, she felt quite __________ and anxious.

Cilla decided to __________ and go back to the places that she had been earlier in the day to try and find her insulin pump.

Cilla lives a pretty normal life with diabetes. She is even planning on __________ next month.

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