Complete these sentences with a word that you hear in the podcast.

While growing up in Slovenia, Erika used to bake a lot with her _______________ who taught her how to stretch and knead dough.

When Erika moved to Switzerland, she started a business baking cakes but says that it was a ______________ job.

During ___________ last year, Erika discovered more people on social media talking about sourdough bread and baking.

The sourdough _________ is a mixture of flour and water that contains the bacteria used to make the sourdough bread.

Erika says that her partner Lucas started baking bread which encouraged her to start ____________ her own sourdough starter.

After making her first successful loaf of sourdough bread, Erika realised how much she enjoyed the process. She was _____________!

Erika talks about the importance of not leaving your sourdough at home because there is no one there to ________ it.

While ____________ remained closed in Basel, Erika started preparing sourdough bread to bring along to gatherings.

One of Erika’s friends asked for __________ as a birthday gift so that she could request bread throughout the year from Erika.

Unlike normal yeast bread, sourdough bread is easier to ___________ for many people with food intolerances.

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